January 13, 2020 – The Federal, provincial, and territorial governments have developed a new website to give businesses involved in Canada’s alcoholic beverage industry a comprehensive source of information on rules and regulations across the country related to the liquor industry.

The website makes it easier for alcohol manufacturers, agents and other related businesses seeking to expand their operations into other provinces or territories.

  • A craft brewer in Manitoba or Yukon can now quickly and easily find out what rules apply if they are looking to sell their beer in B.C., Nova Scotia, or any other province or territory.
  • A spirits producer in Prince Edward Island can use the website to find out how to register a new product or what pricing components make up the final price of a bottle of liquor in Alberta.
  • A winery in Ontario wanting to sell their wine in Atlantic Canada can find all relevant provincial rules on one website instead of having to search several government sites.

Having to search through numerous webpages to find information takes up valuable time and energy for Canadian entrepreneurs. This website, which offers consolidated information, will save considerable time, allowing companies to focus their energies on expanding their businesses.

With 13 different liquor systems across Canada, rules and requirements can vary widely. The new website will serve as a central hub that brings together relevant information from all jurisdictions in one place.

The website is one of many actions governments have committed to in the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Action Plan to enhance trade in alcoholic beverages in Canada.