Alberta serves notice of appeal regarding final panel report in trade dispute between Artisan Ales and the Government of Alberta

Winnipeg – August 29, 2017 – The Government of Alberta served notice of appeal to the Internal Trade Secretariat on August 28, 2017 pertaining to a panel decision held under the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) in a dispute between Artisan Ales Inc. and the Government of Alberta.

Any requirement for a Complaint Recipient to comply with the AIT within a stipulated time or to pay Operational Costs is suspended until such time as the appeal, and any subsequent re-hearing by the Panel that may be required, are concluded.

For more information on the AIT and its dispute resolution procedures, visit and/or contact Patrick Caron, Managing Director, Internal Trade Secretariat, at 204-987-8094 or

Appeal Stage Procedures

AIT Reference Rule
Article 1720 (1) Disputing Party may appeal to the Appellate Body a Panel Report on grounds that the panel erred in law, failed to observe a principle of natural justice or acted beyond or refused to exercise its jurisdiction.
Annex 1705 Rules of Procedures (RP) 43.2


Appeal must be filed within 30 days of panel report release.
Annex 1705(1) RP 44.1 Within 75 days of the issuance of panel report appellant shall provide written and supporting documents to Secretariat and disputing parties
Annex 1705(1) RP 44.2 Within 45 days of receipt of Appellant’s submission, Respondent shall, and other participating parties may, provide a written response to Appellant, the Secretariat and other participating parties
Annex 1705(1) RP 30.1 (a) Within 30 days of receipt of last written submission the panel shall fix the hearing date
Annex 1705(1) RP 46 Appellate Body shall, within 90 days of completion of hearing issue a decision
Article 1720 (9) Within 10 days after issuance of appeal decision appellant and respondent may request clarification or corrections
Article 1720 (9a and 9b) Within 15 days after receipt of request for clarification or correction the appellate body will respond